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Daniel 1 – Stand Firm for God

The following is intended as a guide for personal or group Bible study.

1. Can you describe a situation in which you were under pressure to conform to the culture around you? How did you respond?

Read: Daniel chapter 1

Focus: verses 1–7

2. What has caused God to give the Israelites over to the hands of the Babylonians? See 2 Chronicles 36.5–8.

3. God judged and disciplined His people in Daniel’s day. Does God discipline His children today? Has He disciplined you personally? How do you know if it is God disciplining you or if it is just the effect of living in a fallen, broken world?

4. What impact would changing their Jewish names have on Daniel, Hannaniah, Mishael and Azariah?

5. What other pressures do we see being placed on them after moving to Babylon? How did they respond?

6. The change of names and the cultural indoctrination were designed to change the way Daniel and his friends thought about themselves and the world. In what ways does our world affect how we think? What values does the world hold dear and how can we resist them?

Focus: verses 8–16

7. What do Daniel’s actions teach us about integrity and living faithfully in an alien culture? Daniel draws a line when he decides not to eat the king’s food. What lines have you drawn or do you need to draw?

8. We often lean to withdrawing from difficult cultural situations or conforming to them. Which do you find yourself leaning toward? And why?

Focus: verses 17–21

9. Daniel, Hanniah, Mishal and Azariah appear to be blessed by God in the wake of living with integrity. What are your thoughts on how living faithfully relates to God’s blessing?


10. As you’ve read about Daniel and his friends, how has God been challenging you about how you live in the world? What do you need to keep on doing? What do you need to change?


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